May Your Students Be Merry and Bright with {Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten}

OMG how is it December already!?! Are your students already in holiday mode? If so, we have some great ideas in store for you here at The Elementary Entourage! We are all excited to share some ways to keep your little sweeties happy and engaged during this busy and stressful time of year.

One of my absolute favorite things to do starting on December 1st every year is introduce the Elf on the Shelf. I know a ton of you probably already know about this classroom management tool cute and fun little friend for your students. Let me tell you that he was a lifesaver for me on many occasions with my kinders.  I also loved finding ways to incorporate him into our daily learning just to spice things up.  Here are a few resources I LOVE for Elf on the Shelf fun:

First this Elf Antics pack from OWLways Learning by Kristina Stankovich is too cute and a great place to start. I absolutely adore the way she included "Magic Gloves" so her students could touch the elf just once! Stop by and check out all of the resources in her pack.
Another benefit to having that mischievous little elf around is that it takes the place of my morning work for the month! Of course my kiddos first order of business every day is finding the little trouble maker and laughing at his crazy antics. So after they get a good giggle in, they work on a journal about what he is up to. I just copy a journal with enough pages for the month, Easy Peasy! I love this one from Sunny Days.

It is part of her Elf Classroom Resources. This pack is also great because it includes resources that range from kindergarten to 5th grade!
And last, I made a little Freebie for you! I have seen a million cute Elf on the Shelf ideas on Pinterest and can never remember any of them when it is time to move that elf for the next day.  So I like to write ideas for each day on a calendar at the beginning of the month so I'm never scrambling for an idea.  You can grab my Elf on the Shelf Calendar for FREE here!
Thanks so much for stopping by today, I'd LOVE to hear how you use Elf on the Shelf or other tools to keep things going all December long. And don't forget to check out TPT today and tomorrow for the awesome Cyber Sale.  Click on Shop above to see what deals you can grab from our Elementary Entourage Authors.


  1. So, so, so sweet of you!! THANK you for sharing my product! I am so proud of it and excited that so many people love it! :-) Happy Holidays friend!

    {the link to my product wasn't working for me, not sure if anyone else has issues with it but here's the direct link! THANK YOU again!}

    1. Just fixed your link, Thanks for letting me know! Happy December :)

  2. LOVE your calendar too! I was just going to make one and now I don't have to! :-)