May Your Students Be Merry and Bright {Haley from The McGrew Crew}

Is it really only 16 days until Christmas?! If your students are anything like mine they are starting to act like the break is already here! Even though I now home school I can clearly remember what it is like to teach in December. Not to mention my "students" at home are acting pretty much the same way! I think it helps to keep students engaged by making learning fun and festive during these few weeks before the big winter break! It's also a great time to find some new fun supplies to spice things up!  Dollar Tree, Dollar General and dollar sections in bigger stores (Walmart, Target, etc) are always changing their inventory and the holiday season is a great time to find fun and inexpensive supplies and craft items! I got these great alphabet stamps in the dollar section at Target. 
They are a fun, but different, way for students to practice writing sight words, spelling words, days of the week, months of the year, their own name it! I made a sight word Christmas tree for my kindergartner. When we learn a new word, he stamps it on an ornament and adds it to the tree! 

Please enjoy this Christmas crossword puzzle freebie!

Here are a couple of Holiday packs for K-1 that practice some basic concepts in a fun and festive way and are sure to keep your students engaged during these crazy holiday days! Check them out!

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