May Your TEACHERS Be Merry & Bright!!!

Hello Friends~

I'm so glad to be back again here on our collaborative blog: The Elementary Entourage! I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!

Today I'm going to talk to you about keeping your TEACHERS merry & bright! See, I haven't had my "own classroom" since 2009. I have had my Title I groups so I considered them "my class" but this year, no kiddos for me:-( It is really sad when I think about it... So I'm coming from a view of Coaches, Admin, Counselors or any other person in a school building without their own class. 

Before I start you need to know, that I believe that gifts you've created or creatively put together are more meaningful than anything else. 

Also, that none of these gifts are my own ideas. They are from other crafty people that I've found online. So here we go ----->

First before we get to the teachers, I want to talk about how to keep your office staff merry & bright! I can't give enough to these special people. Yes we are a school, but it is a business. Everything that keeps the building operating comes from them. They are even more underpaid than teachers & often work longer hours. Yes, they take home work. Yes, it is a different responsibility than teachers, but I think everyone knows the ladies who smile so sweetly when some crazy parents walk in the office. The best is when the parents come in the office and don't even know their child's teacher!!! I could go on and on, but every school is lucky to have the office staff. It is not an easy job at all!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that everyone honors their office staff during the holiday season!

So if you are in a school position outside of the classroom like me, or looking for ideas for your team members to let them know you care about them, then I think you'll like these ideas. They are from the heart, thoughtful & budget friendly! 

Here are a few ideas for your teachers. CLICK ON THE TITLES FOR A DIRECT LINK/TUTORIAL:

1) Hand Written Cards: Yes, that sounds crazy & long! But, writing each individual teacher a hand written note letting them know you appreciate them & care for them is #1 in my book! A simple act of kindness is the best. As an adult in our profession, if someone takes time out of their day to sit down & write to you only their feelings, that means a lot. It also helps build the working relationship!

2) Clipboards: We made these a few years ago for my staff! They were a hit! Who works in a school that doesn't need an extra clipboard? You can personalize them as well!
3) Lemon Sugar Scrub: Healthy & easy to make! What teacher wouldn't love a great natural skin exfoliating scrub for the holiday break? 
4) Hot Cocoa Cup: What teacher doesn't love monograms? Add a little hot cocoa set & you'll be thought of as the curl up on the couch one evening with your little treat!
5) Monogram Soap Bottles: Hey crafty people... Have you tried to etched? So simple & you can find great looking soap pumps for cheap!!! Teachers can use it in their classroom or at home! 
6) Personalized Pocket Hand Sanitizer: Yup, you can do it! Who doesn't love those little hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works? Add a little thoughtful touch & the staff loves it!
7) Stress Relief with a Funny Twist: I just think this gift is so hilarious & fitting for this time of year! So simple & will definitely make everyone smile with also reminding them that you understand!
I hope you enjoy these ideas! Happy Holidays!

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