Valentine's Class Party Planning from The Learning Chambers

Would you totally hate me if I said I didn't like the month of February?  Well....I don't hate it isn't my favorite month of teaching.  The kids are all hyped up, testing season is starting, and I'm counting down the weeks until Spring Break in March.  I do love hearing little tips and ideas to make this month go as smoothly as possible, so today I thought I would share some tips on how to have a fun class party with little clean up!

My district allows us to have four parties a year, and Valentine's Day is one of those days.  It seems like every year all the kids want to bring is junk and then I'm left with a big mess to clean up.  Not fun!  One thing that I love to do is set up a sharing snack that we make together and share.

Each kids (or the ones that can) bring one thing for our snack.  Then we mix it up together, each kid gets a turn to shake the bag, and then we share out snack.  The kids love it especially because there is always left overs and they get to take them home to share with their family.  One year I made so much that each kid got to take home a gallon sized snack.  Don't worry it was only half full :).

I made a little freebie for you guys to help make this snack planning as no prep as possible.  Click on the parent letter below to grab your copy.

I also love having some easy print and go activities for my kids to enjoy on Valentine's Day.  I have this set that has a range of different skills from editing, word building, homophones, antonyms, synonyms, and just for fun word searches.

Click the product cover below to check them out in my store.

Last Minute Love: Low Prep Valentine's Day Activities {LA

 I hope your month of February is as easy and stress free as possible.


  1. Love this snack idea, I'm usually in a cupcake coma by the end of the day!

  2. That’s really great dear; I also loved all your party ideas. I was thinking of hiring a party planner to plan for my party but now I think planning my party at my own will be a great idea to save money.

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