What I Love about Teaching - Keri

Hey friends!

Today I am excited to let you in on just a few of the reasons that I love teaching.

I love that I can work with fantastic friends. I seriously have worked with some of the MOST creative people. They don't blog. They don't sell anything. They create because they love what they do. They love their kids and want the best for them. I love that the teaching profession is one where we all feed off of each other's ideas and help to make this thing we do every single day easier for each other. It feels good to know that so many other people can relate to all of the emotions that I have in relation to my job. I have made some AWESOME friends in the process.

 I LOVE MY CURRENT COWORKERS!!! I especially love my kindergarten team.

It really is a blessing to work with people that all have the same goals. The children come first and it's all about them.

I love being able to watch my kids LOVE. I love to watch friendships grow. I love to watch them learn from each other. This year is hands down the BEST class I have ever had. All of their little personalities click so well. They rarely have disagreements. They love learning.

I love watching best friends being made. How sweet is it to watch littles find a true friend? Two of my sweeties from last year were inseparable. I love their friendship.

I love resources. Hence, I love teaching because there is a such thing as TPT that makes my life and yours EASIER. I could go on there and find ANY resource that I need at any time on any skill. If this place didn't exist, I'm pretty sure most of my lessons and resources would be subpar.

With that in mind, here's a quick and short freebie to show my love for teaching.

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