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Hey there! Amna here from Teach Two Reach!

What I absolutely love about teaching are the projects I get to come up with to teach otherwise dry concepts. I mean, who wants to read about the names of the 7 continents and try to write their names on a map, when you can create a 3D painted globe version? You can get the free templates for this project HERE

How can students learn about fossilization just by reading the steps in order? Instead, they get to create and "excavate," their own fossils from clay and Plaster of Paris. Learn how to do it HERE. 

Teaching about past, present, and future verbs was never more fun than when Angry VERBS were introduced. Students got to pick an Angry Bird and three piggies, choose a strong verb, put it in the three tenses, and write sentences with them. This bulletin board is my all time favorite. 

Spring is coming and teaching time is my next chapter. It can be hard for students - especially the quarter to, quarter past skills. One activity I love for students to show me that they know how to tell time is by making this beautiful butterfly time craft from my TIME UNIT. 

I try to incorporate a project based on almost every skill we do in school. Kids who used to be in my class remember that 2nd grade was the grade with all the activities. I love that they tell me that. It keeps me going in trying to find new projects, keep on replenishing materials (those aren't cheap), and spend time fine tuning each activity each year for the needs of the current group. 

What do you love about teaching?

Are there some projects that you absolutely loveeee to do each year that help students solidify textbook concepts?

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