What I love About Teaching: Creativity in the Classroom

Happy February 19, friends! It's Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom and today I'm sharing one thing that I absolutely love about teaching! 

For me, teaching is like being on a stage where I design the entire set. I get to preform on a daily basis, but I also get to choose what my work space looks and sounds like. If I want to have music playing during writers workshop, that's fair game! 

To be honest, I feel lucky every day that I go into work, and even a little guilty! I know my husband, like many others, are heading to a cubical. That work life is not for moi. 

I love that I can make my own schedule under certain perimeters. In the beginning of the year we're given a language arts, math, and content area block. The fun part is that I can decided what to teach when as long as I follow the district and state standards. So, for example, if I want to start my day with a read aloud and then move into phonics, that is perfectly fine! 

I am totally in love with connecting with other teachers inside and outside of my building. This year our class was involved in Simply Kinder's Gingerbread Exchange
Currently, we are involved with a 50 state postcard exchange from The Learning Chambers. The Indiana postcard came in today! Speaking of Indiana, I'm so excited to be going to an Indiana blogger meetup in March hosted by Mrs. Ehle's Kindergarten. That will be so much fun!!

Another way I love being creative in the classroom is by improvising when needed and using my own resources. Supplementing is my middle name! I make sure to use the resources offered by my district, but fully appreciate that my principal trusts me to make instructional decision based on my student's needs. I'm able to swap out or add in resources as needed. I made these wipe away -ui phonics strips for my students since we are working on that sound this week.  

I find that each year I change up my behavior management system. Outside of individual behavior charts, my whole class has a number and is part of our "Daily Behavior" classroom chart. I like experimenting with new systems each year to see what works best and what my students respond to in the classroom.
And speaking of behavior systems, I found these desk check cards from All Students Can Shine. When the desk fairy, ahem-me!, sees a clean desk, I leave this sweet note and a shiny new pencil for the student. I love these cards and have them hanging around the room to remind the students that I'm always looking for the next clean desk. 
I hope you enjoyed these ideas and I'd love to hear from you! What do you in your classroom that is unique to you or that you'd like to share? You can take a photo, share it on Instagram, and tag me so that I can see it and leave you a sweet comment! I'd love to see your classrooms!

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