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There are so many things I love about teaching!  That is why I have always wanted to be a teacher since I was a little girl.

1.  I love the kids! 

That seems like something everyone says, but I feel like my classroom of students are my actual kids!  I do not have any children, so I treat them as if they are my own.  I look forward to seeing them everyday (even the stinkers! 😂). 

2.  I love being crafty!

I really enjoy making things and doing activities with my kids.  I love that I can do creative things to help them learn.  It makes each day so much more exciting! My kids also really enjoy it.  We just finished our summarizing superhero unit and the kids had a blast! 

3.  I love field trips!  

This may seem silly, but I love going on field trips.  I feel that they are a great learning experience for the kids!  They are very exhausting, but I love doing them.  We went to Legoland this year and we absolutely loved it! 

4.  I love the relationships!

I work with amazing teachers that inspire me everyday to be better!  We support one another and truly enjoy eachother's company.  I wouldn't make it through a day without them!

I also love blogging and meeting all my teacher friends online.  This has been a true blessing!  I feel that God gave me the passion for teaching and He has filled my life with other teachers that share this passion with me.  I am so grateful! 

5.  I love learning!

As a teacher, I am a life-long learner!  I am constantly going to professional development events.  I read educational books on my free time.  I use blogs and other teachers as resources.  It is amazing how much I learn.  I am then motivated to try new things in my classroom.  I am a nerd at heart! 

Thanks for stopping by and reading about what I love!  What do you love about teaching?  Please share below! 

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