What I LOVE About Teaching!!! Small Group Reading ~ FREEBIE TOO!

Hello Friends~

It's Dianna here with you today to tell you my absolute favorite things about teaching... Small Group Reading Time!!! Yup, all of my years in the classroom this was my favorite time of day & where I felt most effective. Now as a Literacy Coach, I feel most comfortable in other teacher's classrooms when I am with a small group. I just LOVE being able to connect with the students in a small setting. 

I have some "MUST-DO'S" in my small group meetings:
[click on the photo above for your own copy]

Here are a few snapshots of some work I did in a 1st Grade Classroom, I have so much fun! I LOVE it! [Sorry in advance for my camera phone pics!]

Guided Reading & Writing:
At this point in the lesson, we were on our second meeting of the text. After reviewing our high frequency words & content vocabulary during our warm up, the students had a chance to re-read the text before we got into the comprehension piece. They LOVE using the laser fingers!

I have a number of "pointers" or "trackers" whatever you prefer to call them, but the kids always go for the laser fingers! You can find them at any store with a party section usually. I've seen them at party stores, Hobby Lobby & more!

This photo is of another group, it was also their second meeting with me over the same text. So we started some written comprehension after our warm up activities & re-reading of the text.

My Traveling Reading Cart @ School:
I love when I get a chance to work with students in the classroom setting! It is therapeutic to me to put my other hats on the shelf & just be a teacher again! 

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