Valentine's Day Craft {Crayon Hearts}

I can't believe it's the second day of February! For me, that means being crazy busy with report cards, parent-teacher conferences, and planning a classroom Valentine's Day party! I have a love-hate relationship with my "to-do" list!

Today I am going to share an idea that I absolutely love and may have found on Pinterest.
Arena from The Nerd's Wife shared how to make these gorgeous crayon hearts and even included free printable tags!

I've been quite a crayon hoarder and I try to get them every single time they are on sale! That way, I can make this crayon heart for my students for Valentine's Day! I've made it the past 4 or 5 years and it is a hit every time!

These are my finished products this year! I love swirling the colors together! 
I can't explain how easy these cuties are to make!
 My husky Shilah was very curious...
She actually liked the smell...
 She is pretty well behaved so I let her sniff it for a minute...
 She definitely approves of this year's batch!

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