Cramming it all In {from Aloha to Second}

This is my sixth year of teaching, and I am getting closer to making a schedule and routine that will work for my class. 

One thing I do is post the schedule each day.  This is helpful for me and for my students.  I write the time next to each activity to help me stay on track.  I can't even begin to explain to you how much this has helped me!
After we complete an activity, we place a dot next to it on the board.  For my kiddos that have a hard time focusing or getting through the day, this is super helpful for them.  They can then count down how many more activities we have until lunch or a special or the end of the day.  It also stops them from asking me when we will go home. :]

This is my little teaching area at the front of the room.  I have my basket of goodies/resources and all my teaching books.  I also use my handy clipboard to place my lesson plans for the week. This is great for me to keep everything together.

If you are interested in checking out one of my lesson plans for a week, you can click on the picture below.

You can also check out my daily schedule by clicking on the image below.  We have specials at a different time each day, so it makes scheduling a little difficult.  However, I do the best I can! 

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