Teacher Time Savers ( Classroom Hacks )

In any special education classroom, we are all about trying to save valuable school time. This doesn't mean we are taking the "easy way out," it just means we are finding simple hacks to do our job quicker and more efficient.
Here are a few teacher tips for making your teacher life easier on the daily:
In my classroom, Friday is our super fun day. Not only do we do Fun Food Friday and Coffee Cart, but we also do Fine Motor Friday. It's a great way to motivate kids during the week, not to mention how beneficial actually having Fine Motor centers all day long every Friday is!

If your students utilize a slant board in the classroom, then this hack is perfect for you.

I despise making bulletin boards... honestly, I will put up one bulletin board for the school year and that's it. I would rather spend my time on something else. :)

So I started printing clip art in poster size! To do this I simply make the clip art image the size of one PowerPoint page, save it as a PDF and then print it in poster size. Once it prints, you'll need to cut it out and put it together (kind of like a puzzle). But once you have it put together, it's together forever! Laminate it to reuse it year after year!

My last hack is perfect for the classroom that includes a student who likes to turn the classroom lights off and on. Simply cut a paper cup in half and tape it over the light switch. One great suggestion shared on my Instagram was to Velcro a plastic tub over it (for those of you who have double or triple switches).

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