Cramming It All In {The Super Sparkly Teacher}

We all know that it can be such a challenge to fit everything into our busy schedules. There is so much reading, teaching, and assessing to do. In the first grade world, sight words require much attention. I have found a few ways to work them into our jam-packed day.

I have replaced many of my GoNoodle brain breaks with HeidiSongs. My kiddos are still dancing, moving, and having fun, but shh... they're learning too. They ABSOLUTELY love the HeidiSongs videos. I recently stocked up on DVDs during her Labor Day Sale, but I'm sure there'll be another sale soon enough. Also, if you can't afford the DVDs right now, some of her videos are on Youtube {click HERE}.  #sneakyteacher

You can also play or sing the songs during transitions. My kiddos have already learned a few to the point where they can just sing them aloud. We sang them as we transitioned from one class to another during a school-wide event.

It's taken time, but I've learned how to make the most of my time. When we visit the library, I always take my assessment materials. I pull a few students and work in sight word practice and/or assessments. I always have up-to-date information on where my kiddos are. Is there a time when you can sneak in a little practice with even just one kiddo? Even on Picture Day I carried around my sight word list. #beefficient

I hope that you too are able to find some ways to cram it all in and have a successful school year!

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