Cramming It All In: Tips from The Husky Loving Teacher

Oh, September... The love/hate relationship month between all teachers out there. We love, love, love getting to know the new students, setting up our classrooms, being back with our teacher friends, and so much more. A lot of us hate how every year we're just exhausted and feel like our rooms aren't 100% complete until October. Or maybe it's that you have a new curriculum to learn when you're still trying to master another area.

Today I am going to share some tips for how to manage your time effectively with classroom schedules & routines to try and make this month a little easier on you wonderful teachers out there!

1. Take the time now to set up reasonable routines:
Your students need to know your expectations and whether you teach K or 5th, they will be able to wean from daily teacher led directions to working more independently if you take the time to set up the routines. I've learned from experience! 

2. When students are working, meet with others:

When the group is actively engage, take those minutes to meet with a student that you may need to give a running record, hold a writing conference, or even use the time to check in on a student who may need you emotionally. It's hard not to just go take a breath at your desk or check emails when your kids are working well. However, I've found it to be more effective to meet with students because I can always check my email when my kids go to lunch, recess, or special but I can't work with them at that time. 

3. Build the classroom family routine  now so that they can count on EACH other and not you the entire time.

Did you ever go to work with a student one on one and student after student came up to you to ask questions? This will dwindle down if you invest the time in your classroom family so the kids know to count on each other when they see you with other students.

I hope these quick tips helped or were reminders of what you already do! Teachers - we are all in this together and no matter if your classroom is managed effectively 100% or you are still finding you way, please know that you are valued, appreciated, and are doing a GREAT job!

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