Teacher Time Savers (with The Friendly Teacher)

In the past I have used files, binders, and even tried only using my computer to organize my things. That is when I found this idea from one of my good friends, First Grade Roars. Check her blog out here to see some more of her amazing ideas. I keep all of my things in monthly bins now.


I have a bin for each month and a bin for some large themes (for example, multiplication or science and social studies). 
I fill each bin with everything I need that month. I fill it with books for the month, all of the papers we use that month, decorations for my classroom, and more!

My favorite part about this is that I keep the month I am currently in by my desk. Then, I add anything that I used into the bin for instant organization. Lastly, if I copy something and don't use it I throw it in the bin. Then, next year I have something to use that is already copied. BAM AMAZINGNESS! 

I bought these bins at Michaels and then added quick labels. The best part is these also make for great decoration on top of my storage containers.

I LOVE monthly tubs! I LOVE that I have genius teachers inside my school to teach me their amazing ways. I highly suggest moving from binders and files to tubs!

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