Cramming It All in {Primary Possibilities}

Each year it seems that more and more is expected to be taught within the school day.  Here are a few tips for cramming everything in to your day!

I do rotations during ELA and math blocks.  I used to switch my activities out with NEW, EXCITING games or stations every few weeks.  One of the problems with this was that giving directions on how to complete the activities was taking up a lot of my teaching time.  To save time, I started to just change the numbers, words, or make the skill more difficult but keep the type of activity.  This way students already know how to complete the task, I don't have to waste precious teaching time explaining 10 new games each month, and students are still working on the skills they need to learn.

Another tip for cramming it all in is maximizing those transitions times or those 5-10 minute spaces that may be in your schedule between lunch and a special for example.   My blogging partner Stephanie uses the simple method of "locked out" when she has those moments.  They are just activities like math facts, sight words, shapes, letters, etc. that she keeps in an easy to carry can.  She can grab them up and use them to maximize her time during transitions.

I hope you're able to find ways to cram all of it in this school year!

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  1. That's a great idea! i never thought of modifying the activities. Thanks for sharing!