Teacher Time Savers {Teach Two Reach}

Hey all! I'm here today to share with you a couple of teacher time saving tips and tricks that have worked well for me. 

What to do with all those student papers? Organize everything that need to be sent home with this Friday Folder classroom management tip

Since I started teaching, using a "Friday Folder," system has been a consistent organization tactic that's really worked for me.

I don't like sending home graded work or projects during the week in students' regular homework folders. I like to reserve those for homework like reading logs, and notices from myself or the office.

Instead, I keep the graded work and other projects until Friday. Another must in the classroom is a mailbox slot system. It helps with passing out notes or papers that go home everyday, and it is also where I put together all the work for the Friday folders.

Everyone has a red folder which I label. On Friday mornings before school starts, (or Thursday after dismissal), I put everyones' work in their mailbox slots. After it is all separated, I put my weekly newsletter on top, and then put each student's pile into their Friday folder. I put the folder back in their mailbox slot. When they are packing up for the day, they take them home.

This method has helped keep the paper clutter down, regular homework folders pretty neat and clean, and has cut down stress in trying to get things graded everyday ASAP to send home for the day! Definitely a teacher time saver.

Favorite Teaching Thing a magig time saver:
Magnetic Tape

This has recently come near the top of my favorite teaching related items - MAGNETIC TAPE...on a tape dispenser. 
Anyway, this is PERFECT for hanging things on the board super quick and easy. I put up my teaching related posters for the week on the white board with this tape, I put up my incentive class group points chart thing with this tape, and so much more.  SO you just rip off a piece, put the sticky side on the thing you want stuck, and put it up. Super simple. 

Come back the rest of the month for more tips to save you your precious time!

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