Blogger Interview: Amanda Richardson from Mrs. Richardson's Class

Hi friends!  I'm over the moon excited to get to share with you guys my interview with my dear sweet friend Amanda from Mrs. Richardson's Class.  She is truly amazing and I had the privilege of teaching with her a few years ago here in Houston.  I was super sad when she moved away to start her sweet family, but I can't wait to give her a big ol' hug in Vegas in less than 100 days!!  She has such a heart and passion for teaching and it really shows in her blog.

Mrs. Richardson's Class

Here is my interview with Mrs. Richardson...

I began reading teacher blogs in 2010 during my transition to both a new school and back to kindergarten.  I learned so much from others! It was like this new world of collaboration that I had been missing out on!  The next year I decided that it was my turn to share with others! I just wanted to be a part of the wonderful teacher blogging community!

There is so much more collaboration that can go on through blogging.  We are connected to others outside of our team or teachers in our school.  Blogging challenges me to be a better teacher and helps me be a better teacher just by simply being able to peek into other teacher's classrooms! I think about how valuable it is when I am able to observe another teacher teach--her teaching style, her classroom management, her set-up--it's a lot to soak in! Blogging allows me to step into SO many other teacher's classrooms and just see a tiny glimpse of what goes on.  It challenges me to be a better teacher!

Balance?! Oh goodness! What is that?! Ha ha! Before our little guy was born and our adoption process began, it was so much easier to balance time between school, blogging, and my husband.  As a matter of fact, I knew deep in my heart that I wouldn't be able to have a healthy balance when our babies came home so this year I decided to step out of the classroom.  I miss it so very much, but I know I'm a better mommy and wife when I am less stressed! That being said, I try to manage and keep a healthy balance even with me staying at home.  Nap times are my work times. When my husband comes home, I try to be done with work time so that we can have meaningful family time or time with friends. It's not easy.  It's a constant battle.  

Plan ahead! I used to always just blog when something came up, but lately I have been planning out my blog posts ahead of time.  Even if I don't sit down and write the post until the last possible second, having something planned ahead of time makes it go much faster.  Also, it keeps your blog alive! 

Oh! This is tough! Lately I have been making science units and I am LOVING the way they are turning out!
Click on the cover to check out this Science Unit in Amanda's store.

Thank you sooooo much Amanda for taking time to answer my interview questions!  It truly means so much to me!!  I'm super blessed to have you as a friend!  See you this summer!

Now, make sure you head over and follow Amanda.  Her Science Units are AMAZING ... it makes me wish that I taught Science again!  Go check them out!

Mrs. Richardson's Class
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