Technology Tips: Go Noodle! {Mrs. Thompson's Treasures}

Do you give your kids "brain breaks" throughout the day? Getting your students up and moving regularly can let them get out the wiggles and help them focus and learn better when you are trying to teach! With so much pressure put on our little ones these days with assessments and testing, they need outlets to move around, have fun, and just be kids!
One place we go for fun brain breaks is  
At GoNoodle, you choose a character for your class, and choose from many different kinds of videos to watch and move to. You can do Zumba, silly songs with Koo Koo Kangaroo, or even run races with famous Olympians!

Most of the videos are just a few minutes long, so you can slip one in at anytime of the day! There are also "Indoor Recess" mixes put together for you if your class needs a longer break.

Each time you complete a brain break, your class earns minutes of physical activity that is added up. When you get a certain amount, your character grows. The kids love to see their progress and see the character change!
We have only done the free version (which has plenty of videos and has been enough for us), but there is also a paid version that includes more. Visit to get started! Your kids will LOVE it!

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