Technology Tips: Exposure to Technology

Happy, March 2! This month we're bringing you some techy tips that will be sure to help you get your digital natives on the right path to technological literacy!
I give my students their own technology card that has their log-in info on it. That way, they get to learn their usernames, passwords, and the websites that we use on a regular basis. You can grab it here for FREE!

I use these technology treats from What the Teacher Wants as a motivational tool to get my students on our classroom computers more often for awesome behavior choices!
During word study, my students can "type" their words on this keyboard since we are not 1:1 with computers in the classroom. Even though these are not real keyboards, the students still L.O.V.E. the idea of typing on it! Thank you, Primary Speaking, for making these cute keyboards!
Remember to come back tomorrow to check out our next technology tip from Dianna.

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