Digitialize Your Classrom with Technology Tips & Tricks

Hey friends! It's Keri from Enchanted Kinder Garden.

I love ALL of these tips that have been given so far. Today, I'm bringing you a few of my favorite techy tips/tricks. 

Here's a repost from last year. It's an oldie tip, but a good one. This is by far my FAVORITE trick that saves me OODLES of time. Have you ever been making something and decided 40 pages in that you really hated that font? Did you go back and change every single font that you've used on every single page? Never again. Here's a SUPER quick way to change them.

I am going to show you how to change the bottom font.

Find Replace. I did this tutorial on a PC, but it works the same on Macs. It's in a different place. On a Mac, go to Format ---> replace fonts. I have a Mac that I work on most of the time now.

Sorry I cut this one off, but click it!

You will see a screen prompt similar to this one. Make sure the font you want to change is in the top. I'm going to change KG Miss Kindergarten. In the second field, find the font that you want to change it to. Click replace. It will replace every instance of KG Miss Kindergarten in my file.

Now, all of that font has been replaced and it only took me a few clicks. If you don't like it, you can always change it back without too much trouble. You can also quickly go through different fonts quickly to see which you like best. EASY.

My summer project will be to move ALL of my paper files over to digital. I have way too many printed, inherited, borrowed, and begged resources in binders that I don't use. I'm going to move them all over into separated themed files. My resources are all sorted by themes, topics, months, and so on. When I am looking for something I can quickly go to that folder and find EVERYTHING that I own. I rarely look in my binders anymore to plan my lessons.

How am I going to do this easily? Here's how.

We got a new copy machine at school this year. It has a USB port to allow us to print from a jump drive. Now, for the wonderful part. It can also copy papers onto your jumpdrive. I was SO excited when I figured that part out.

This one is for any of you that make your own resources. Ever wanted to make a table of contents and make it clickable? Well, here's a SUPER quick and easy tutorial.

I hope one of those tech tips and tricks help ease the load that you already have trying to be the best teacher, blogger or resource maker that you can be. Have a wonderful week!

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  1. I am saving these tips for sure!! I love learning new tips for making products! Thank you so much for the font tip!! Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom