Technology Tips & Tricks: Do you Symbaloo?

Hello friends! It's Kim here from For a Love of Teaching to introduce you to one of my favorite technology organizing tools!

Have you heard of Symbaloo?

Do you have websites bookmarked here, there, and everywhere?

Do you have amazing websites you've found over time to use in your classroom or with your students, but can never find them when you need them?

If so, then Symbaloo is perfect for you!

Symbaloo is a FREE visual bookmarking tool that makes it simple and fun to organize the best of the web. With an account you can access your bookmarks from any device and share your online resources with others.

How can you use this in the classroom you might ask? Until recently I didn't really see how this would be a "classroom tool", but trust me it is! You literally have all your favorite websites at your fingertips, and even better than that - you can organize your resources, share, and access them from any device.

You can create a webmix of links, share it one time, and your students will get automatic updates when you make changes. Symbaloo will generate a link for you to share either privately or publicly that will take students and parents straight to your webmix. Symbaloo will also generate you a embedded code to add to your class blog or school website.

Teachers are also using Symbaloo to create lesson plans by creating a webmix for each subject they teach. Teachers can create website links, image links, or video links that they plan to use while teaching a particular lesson.

Here's my "personalized" classroom Symbaloo Webmix that I share with my students and parents. Parents no longer email me or call to ask, "Do you have a good website for math practice?" Or, "Is there a reading website I could use with my child at home?" They don't have to ask, because it's all in my webmix, and they can usually find what they're looking for!
Check out this great article I found: 11 Ways to Use Symbaloo in the Classroom

Symbaloo isn't just for school or work either. You can use it to create your own personal homepage full of websites you visit regularly! You can organize a variety of different webmixes such as your favorite online stores to shop, recipes you'd like to try, news and weather websites, or favorite blogs you like to follow. 

Check out Symbaloo's website for more ideas. The possibilities are endless!

How do you Symbaloo?


  1. Hey Kim!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Symbaloo! It makes it loads easier when my kids are completing web quests. They know they can only venture to those sites that are on that specific symbaloo.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kim,
    I see some of the same websites on your Symbaloo that I use! How cool! Thanks for sharing this!!
    Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom