Technology Tip: Virtual Field Trips!

 Hey Friends~

It's Dianna here today from Sassy, Savvy, Simple Teaching. I'm here today to share a technology tip with you that is not new, but I don't think it is utilized as much as it could be.

Are you a teacher that only goes on a field trip once a nine weeks? Or once a semester? Why not utilize more virtual field trips? Especially that go along with your Science, Social Studies & Math Curriculum.

The beauty of virtual field trips are: you can find them all for FREE, you can schedule them whenever & however you want & you can take as many as you want each year!

Ten of the Best Virtual Field Trips:
Click HERE to see a list of the Ten Best Virtual Field Trips!!!!

My favorite Virtual Field Trip Ideas to Explore:
  • Discover Education: North America ~ Click HERE
  • Scholastic: Ellis Island ~ Click HERE
  • Smithsonian ~ click HERE
  • A Symbaloo page of virtual field trips ~ click HERE
  • Statue of Liberty ~ click HERE
  • Plimoth Plantation ~ click HERE
  • Google Lit Trips ~ click HERE
  • NASA ~ click HERE
  • Lincoln Memorial ~ Click HERE
  • Author Interviews ~ Click HERE
There is just about any type of virtual field trip out there, just take a few minutes to look!!! Your students will LOVE you for it & it will make their learning experience more valuable!

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