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Hello again! I'm here today to share a fun technology tip.

This tip is if you create resources for your classroom and want to customize the font with a specific type of fill in back ground. This works great for bulletin board letters. When I figured out how to do this last year, I was super excited. You can make your favorite font turn into a "bubble letter," font, filled in with a color scheme or digital paper pattern of your choice. 

Here's how:

Step 1:

Open a blank document on Power Point. Go to Insert on the top and click on Word Art.

Step 2: 

You will see this box appear. Change it to any wording you want. 

Step 3:

Enlarge it to any size and change the font to anything you'd like. In this case I have used KG Melonheadz.

Step 4:

Highlight the text, right click, and select Format Text.

Step 5:

You will get this box. Click on TEXT FILL from the left sidebar.

Step 6:

Click on the Picture or Texture tab on the top. Next, click on CHOOSE PICTURE where it says "From File."

Step 7:

After you select "Choose Picture," you will get your pop up window to choose a file. I have gone into my Digital Paper files and will select a digital paper that I want to fill the background with.

So here is a background paper I worked with. Choose the one you want and click INSERT.

You will see the preview of the background you chose. You notice how the one below IS NOT a paw print one like I have above? That's not a mistake...that's because I used a different one after I screen shot the picture, and then was too lazy to re-do the shot. That's how I roll. So anyway, I went with this striped paper instead.

Click OK.

And there you go! Your text now has that digital paper as the background.

You can also add details to the text such as a highlight.

To do this you:

1) Select the text

2) Click on Text Effects on top (the A that looks highlighted with blue).

3) Select "Glow," from this menu.

4) Select "Glow Options."

5) Choose the color you want to highlight with. Below, it is on black. You can also adjust the width/intensity of the color by moving the "size," slider bar. And then you can adjust the transparency if you want. I haven't done that to the above example. 

Alright!! Now go make your fonts cool!!

Thanks for stopping by. 

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