2nd Annual Teacher Blogger Interview {with Amanda from The Primary Gal}

Hello!  It's Stephany from Primary Possibilities I am so excited to be a interviewing Amanda from The Primary Gal.  Amanda and I started in the blogging/TpT world  around the same time and I have always been so impressed with how much work she puts into her blog and store.

Amanda has taught primary and intermediate grades so she has covered a ton of topics and has a variety of resources in her TpT store.  You can find Amanda's TpT store by clicking HERE.  You can check out all of her awesome ideas at her blog "The Primary Gal" by clicking the button below.

I think I decided to take the plunge into blogging because it appealed to so many of my teacher passions.  I have always loved sharing ideas and resources with others.  My blog became my outlet to do just that.  

Blogging has helped my teaching in so many ways.  It has allowed me to connect with other teachers all around the world who are passionate, devoted, and eager to try new things.  I also believe that it challenges me daily to keep things fresh and engaging for my students.  It also forces me to reflect on activities, outcomes, and the needs of my classroom.  Blogging as deeply impacted my teaching!

It is hard…like, really hard!  I go through spells where I feel like I am totally loosing at the balancing act!  I do my best to create a schedule for myself and stick with it.  I am also a very routine person, so I think that helps me stay on track and juggle all areas of my life.  I also try my best to keep things simple, which is very difficult task for me! :)  

My greatest tip is to find what makes your teacher heart happy, and share information, resources, and tips with others!  If you are following your heart, blogging won’t feel like such a chore.  It will be a rewarding adventure that you can be proud of each and every day.
My favorite resource is seriously a simple one.  I had implemented “Bubble Pages” in my classroom for two years, but didn’t know if anyone else would “get it” if I shared it with the world.  After being posted for a year, I receive emails and Facebook messages from teachers all over the country telling me how much they have loved implementing Bubble Pages into their classrooms.  My heart overflows each time I receive one!

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