Why I'm lucky to teach KINDERGARTEN!

I absolutely LOVE teaching kindergarten. Kindergarten is a magical place. If you've never had the joy of teaching kindergarten, I have to say you're missing out.

I'm lucky to teach this grade because when they come, most of them know absolutely NOTHING. All of their learning comes from you and those special months you spend together. It's amazing to watch the growth.

They start off so small and know so little in all of the wonderful things that they will learn. Do you realize how much we do in kindergarten?

We learn our letters, sound, blends, short vowels and talk a little about sneaky e and long vowels.

We have MAJOR celebrations like the 100th day!

We learn how to cut HEARTS! The laughs and smiles when they finally made their hearts was priceless.

I'm lucky because I get to listen to my kids read. Some of them didn't know their real names coming in, but they read so well now it makes me extremely PROUD.

I'm lucky because once I've taught something, they find other ways to practice skills. This little miss that rarely talks found another way to play our Big Letter, Little Letter sound chant. She put all the letter chants up and then matched the picture to the correct chant. LOVE IT!

To celebrate being lucky, I've left you something to tell your kids how LUCKY you are to be their teacher. Just click the image and download. Don't ever forget how lucky you are to be in a place to influence and teach some many littles. Don't let the hard days get you down too much. Vent and move on.

I send these to each of my kids on St. Patrick's Day! If you're looking for some positive communication notes for the entire year, check out this post over on the Teachers Pay Teachers blog.

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  1. Adorable! I do have a certain kind of respect for Kindergarten teachers! You really start the year fresh! :)

    ♥ Stephanie