Why I'm Lucky To Teach Kindergarten {with Aloha to Second}

March is one of my favorite teaching months because we have no interruptions with days off of school, and I always feel like this is the month when my kids just start to "get it."  I feel like my kids begin to be more independent and everything we've been learning all year just clicks!  That is one of the reasons I feel lucky to teach kindergarten. :]

Another reason that I feel lucky to teach kindergarten is because I get to see their writing go from
                                            This:                            to                             This:

Wow!  Writing in kindergarten always amazes me.  I use writing workshop to develop independent, strong writers.

I also love teaching kindergarten because we get to have fun days where we cook/bake food.  Here we are making green eggs and ham for Dr. Seuss' birthday!


I love being able to teach my kids how to make things.  Nearly all of my students hadn't ever cracked an egg before!  It was really fun. :]

Teaching kindergarten is also a blast because we do lots of hands-on activities to help us learn!  Here we are making teen numbers using chains.  We had ten chains one color and used another color to make it a teen number.

Finally, probably my most favorite thing about teaching kindergarten is that they ALL become my babies for life.  I will always think about them as my kids and keep them in my prayers every night.  They light up my life and make me so happy. Nothing beats teaching these sweet faces each day. 

So, let me sum up for you my 5 lucky reasons to teach kindergarten!
1.  In March, something clicks and my kids just "get it."

2.  Kindergarten students turn into amazing writers at the end of the year!

3. I love cooking with my kinders.

4. I love making things or doing hands-on activities with my kids. 

5. They are my babies forever, and I love them!

Thanks for stopping by.  Be sure to check out why other teachers feel lucky to teach! :]

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