2nd Annual Teacher Blogger Interview {with Ari from The Science Penguin}

Hey guys! I am so excited to share my interview with Ari from The Science Penguin!
I went to a teaching conference back in 2011 where teachers were boldly sharing what they did in the their classrooms.  It gave me the guts to put myself out there and share what worked in my classroom.  

Blogging helped my teaching in two different ways.  First of all, blogging helps me be more creative.  I try to come up with new ideas to support students and teachers, try them out, and share!  Secondly, the community formed is so special.  When I changed schools and grade levels, the blogging community was there to provide support.  My students benefitted from the great ideas teachers across the country shared!

My top blogging tip is to always provide value.  Even if you want to promote a resource, always provide ideas and tips that help teachers.  The blogging community is stronger when we are all sharing what is best for kids!

My favorite resource is STEM Sports.  It required a lot of planning, creativity, and differentiation to compile the ideas I had into a solid resource.  Students and teachers love it, so I'm happy!  
You can follow Ari from The Science Penguin at her Teacher Store, Instagram, Facebook, Blog, Bloglovinand Pinterest. She has fabulous ideas that you don't want to miss out on! 

I hope you enjoyed learning all about Ari as much as I did!


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