Why I'm Lucky to Teach FIRSTIES with Mrs. Grooms' Room!

Good Mornin' to all ye, lads and lasses!  

Don't you just feel lucky right now?  

(I love this post!)  

I have been teaching firsties now for 16 years!  In fact, I have never taught anything else in my teaching career and I could never imagine teaching anything but first grade.  It is a joy every day to walk into my classroom to see my bright little faces ready to learn. 

AND the joy just doesn't stop there!!  :) 

From one of my kids licking this...

Yes...that happened last week.  Oh my... :P
To one of my students asking my principal..."Whatzzzz UP, Dr. H.?"  

But seriously...there is so much growth that goes on during the year.  When firsties walk into the classroom, they are reading simple short vowel words if they are reading and they might be adding small numbers.  When firsties walk out, they are reading chapter books and figuring out how to balance and equation!!  I LOVE being there for the between.  It is hard, every year and every day is a challenge, and not every day is perfect but I love being there to tackle the challenge with my students.   

I feel lucky everyday to get rocks, flowers, and love notes. These little tokens of love keep my teacher heart ticking and they tell me that my students appreciate their teacher and what they are learning.  One of my parents in a conference told my principal that her child was saving a rock just for me.  She couldn't understand why her little girl wanted to give me a rock.  We laughed together...cause it's a ROCK!  But then I told her it was a wonderful compliment to me since we are learning about rocks right now.  

It was a token of love...a love of learning.  I am a lucky teacher!  

Hoping you all have a wonderful, wonderful spring break!!!   

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