An Interview with Teacher-Blogger {Sarah from A Rocky Top Teacher}

Hey y'all!  I'm thrilled because I got a chance to interview Sarah from A Rocky Top Teacher.  Sarah is a fifth-grade ELA and Social Studies teacher.  She is such a passionate educator and an encouraging blogger to follow.  I LOVE her reading graffiti wall!  Her fifth-graders add quotes that they love from the books they are reading.  I mean swoon right!  And if you haven't watched any of her Monday's Moment videos, you need too!  She is so encouraging!  Here is our interview...

I have always enjoyed journaling/documenting important parts of my life. I was impressed with the teacher blogs that I was viewing and realized that I could create my own blog to help document my life as an educator. For me, my blog is like a digital journal. I enjoy sharing what is going on in my classroom and collaborating with others!

Blogging truly has changed my life. Thanks to my blogging and social media platforms, I have meet some amazing educators who have truly positively impacted my life and helped me grow as an educator. I now have a large network of teachers who are my friends and role models. I look up to them, share my teaching ideas and experiences with them, and have been able to learn new teaching practices and strategies from some wonderful teachers. 

I don't believe that there truly is "balance" between my personal and professional life. For me, my balance(or harmony as my high school teacher friend Jason Ness likes to call it) is all about realizing that some days I will need to spend more time focusing on work and other times my personal life will need more attention. I am grateful that my husband and family understand that as well and they are always right there with me supporting me and assisting me however possible to help me accomplish my dreams. 

Blogging looks different for everyone. So, my advice is to just "do you". Write as often or as little as you like. post about what interests you, and remember that your blog is YOUR place to share your teaching experience. Don't compare your blog to others. You have something amazing to share. Let blogging be a fun and exciting experience! 

Creating is not really my niche BUT I really love the close reading bookmarks that I made for my second graders a few years ago. I am teaching 5th grade now, and I enjoy pulling out the same bookmarks and using them with my older students. Mostly though, I love sharing about what my talented teacher friends are creating and implementing in their classrooms. You all so wonderful, and I love helping everyone learn about what amazing teacher-created resources there are out there in the TPT world. 

I wanted to give a big thank you to Sarah for letting me interview her.  It was so great to get to know her a little better through her responses.  Make sure you follow Sarah because she is such a passionate and motivating blogger.  I just got done reading her latest post about the importance of fostering a love of reading.  Such a good read!  Thanks again Sarah!!

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