Why I'm Lucky to Teach Kindergarten! {With The Kindergarten Connection}

I have taught Kindergarten through 3rd grade, including a year in a multiage classroom of 1st-3rd grade. I have loved each of those experiences, but my heart truly belongs in Kindergarten!!!

There are so many reasons why I feel lucky to teach Kindergarten. I have to say I feel even luckier that I teach in an amazing place where play is supported as part of the learning process. Learning through inquiry and play is a daily part of my kindergarten classroom. 

I know not all kindergarten teachers get to play in their classrooms (which seriously makes me sad) so I am truly so lucky that I do! 

We still have rigorous standards to meet and we are a Common Core state, however we know that kids learn through play. They are never, ever "just" playing! 

Each afternoon my kids engage in intentional play of their choosing. I support them during this time with social development as well as learning opportunities to connect our classroom learning to real life experiences. 

Our play may look like play dough, board games, kitchens, dolls, cars, and so much more.

Sometimes we are even exploring live critters! For instance, recently we had snails in our classroom. I loved that I could have them out for students to learn about and explore not just during our science block, but during our play to learn time as well! 

Play is so important for kids socially, developmentally, and academically too. They are constantly learning and growing! 

I feel so incredibly lucky to be able to give my students these experiences. I am so happy to teach kindergarten - it truly is a great place to be! 

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  1. It has been months since he cleared out his Phoenix preschool and my kid is as of now still asking to head off to class, and telling stories of things that he's done with his kindergarten instructor. He always asks to see her.