What I Wish I had my First Year of Teaching (The Friendly Teacher)

It's Hannah here from The Friendly Teacher! I am coming to share everything I wish that I had my first year of teaching! 

#1 Flexible Seating
I LOVE FLEXIBLE SEATING! I wish I had flexible seating with my first year kiddos. They would have LOVED this! Flexible seating has changed the way I teach and I LOVE it! It keeps my students focused, they enjoy school more, and they are comfortable! I still have home seats for my kids at the tables! This way if they ever need to be in a seat they have one! I also have medicine balls, many comfy chairs, yoga mats, a sitting table, and a standing table! 

#2 My Student Information Binder
My student information binder has saved my behind many times since I started using it! It makes parent meetings so much easier and I never have a problem with documentation. Everything that I ever need to document is in one spot, so it keeps life EASY! I provided everything in my binder for FREE here! Go check it out!

#3 My Happy Planner
One of the biggest things that I wish I had is the Happy Planner! I have the Happy Lesson Planner and the Happy Life Planner! These planners keep me organized, they are adorable, and they are extremely inexpensive compared to many planners! I honestly LOVE this planner! You can find these at your local Michaels or Hobby Lobby!

#4 My Next Week Tubs

My first year of teaching I would have papers EVERYWHERE! I love to copy early and plan weeks in advance. But, I was never organized. I put all the papers for the next week in this cart. Then, when it is time to organize I move them over to my daily bins. It seems like a small thing, but it has kept me so much more organized! (Labels from Miss West is Best)

Do you use any of these items in your classroom?!

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