What I Wish I Had My First Year Teaching ( Peppy Zesty Teacherista )

My first school was not well equipped with math manipulatives and I learned the hard way that they are so important for student learning. 

These are the ones I use in my classroom:

This is the first year that I have implemented whole class fidgets in my classroom. I have a table caddy for each table that has various fidgets. The table caddies get put on the desk when we start out lesson. This is an excellent way for kids to use these to get their wiggles out while still maintaining focus. 

These are the fidgets that I purchased for my classroom:

My first year, I felt like I was giving out the same information to different parents! Even though I sent a newsletter. By having a classroom website, I had a hub for everything so the only thing I needed to do was email them a link with the information. 

I also embedded a Google Calendar! 

You can read more about that 

I hope these were some Peppy Zesty ideas for you! 

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