What I Wish I Had My First Year Teaching ( with KookyKinders )



My first year of teaching was a crazy!! I graduated in May and in August I received a call from the school where I had just finished up my student teaching. They had so many kindergartners that they needed to add a 6th....yes 6th kindergarten! I was hired two weeks after school started. I moved into an empty classroom in the first and second grade hallway. When I say empty...I mean EMPTY!! We didnt even have tables and chairs for a few days. It was very interesting but I learned so much in the year of teaching than in 4 years of college. 

A personal paper trimmer would have saved me so much time running to the lounge. I am so lucky that a friend suggested I get one. 

An electric pencil sharpener! Enough said!!

Creating class books, data folders, reading folders etc. would have been so much easier with a heavy duty hole punch!!
That first year of teaching I was tired like I have never been! I lived on Mt Dew from the vending machine in the lounge. I really wish that I had a personal coffee maker that first year. It would have saved me a few hundred dollars in dentist bills!! 

What were some of your first year must haves??


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