What I Wish I Had My First Year Teaching ( with Mrs. D's Corner )

Reminiscing about my first year of teaching always brings back great memories. Like when I thought that "bad" kid was the legitist of "bad kids" and if I could just survive that, I could survive anything. HA. That was fun memory lane... we should do that more often.
But in all sincerity, my first year was amazing. I worked with a great group of people, my school was newly remodeled, I was co-teaching 7th grade math... but thinking back on it today, there are still some things that I wish I had had back then.
Like my own personal laminator. Because you know first year teachers laminate all the things. And to think that when I first started teaching I thought they cost at least $1,000.

This was me: "There is no way I can laminate from the comfort of my house for less than $1,000!" The euphoria when I picked this Scotch Thermal laminator up at the store for a mere $25 a couple years later. #gamechanger
And then there was Velcro. Ahhh... be still my special educator heart. Velcro. That word should literally have a heart shape around it in the dictionary... or be imprinted on a block of gold.

You can literally use it for anything, and that's why it is absolutely worth its weight in gold.
The last thing I wish I had when I first started teaching was TeachersPayTeachers... or at least I wish I had known about it. Not even the seller part of it... just the actual you can literally find lesson plans on anything part of it.

Even though 6 years ago TPT was around, it wasn't nearly what it is today. Hundreds of thousands of resources available at your fingertips?! It's such a huge blessing, and I'm glad that it's here now for all of us!

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What do you wish you had your first year teaching?

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