What I Wish I Had My First Year Teaching {Enchanted Kinder Garden}

This year starts my 9th year teaching. I am very lucky with how far the world has come with all of the creativity and ideas. However, nine years ago I was on my own. I remember getting online and going to different forums to read what people were doing. There usually was not an image attached so you had to be imaginative. I also remember fumbling around in my room most of the summer because I didn't know what my kindergarten class should look like. I didn't have a style at the time. I didn't have preferences to anything. IT WAS HARD!

Now, it's easy to look back and say what I wish I had. Here's a few from my list...

Who doesn't love a good flair pen? They make listing fun. They make writing goals fun. Notes home... I can go on and on. I love FLAIR pens and didn't use them nine years ago.

My printer is seriously the NUMBER one thing that I love in my classroom. I would give a lot of things up before I give this up. I know tons of people have gone to the instant ink, but my printer has not failed me. I buy off brand toner from Amazon for about $70. It's all the colors and lasts me MONTHS. I print A LOT too.

My Silhouette Cameo is one of my favorite things. I can cut so many things out. My favorite is probably cutting vinyl, but there is a few things that I have in my room right now.


There are so many reasons why I cannot live without a projector. Most of our day involves the projector in some form or fashion. My favorite thing currently is one of my newest resources. This one is timed and we spell out each of the words. We used this at the end of kindergarten and my kids loved it so much!

Without cute clip art, my room wouldn't have the "ME" factor. I love Melonheadz for decor. I also love Educlips for resource creating. The clean lines and easy to identify images are great for primary aged children.


  1. Where can I find the Melonheadz Word Wall letters?

    1. Check my blog Sunday. I should have a post up with them by then. :-) - Enchanted Kinder Garden

  2. Keri, I have the same printer but have had nothing but problems buying off brand toner. Do you have a specific company you buy from?

    1. Sorry I'm just seeing this. I buy from Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/INK-SALE-Replacement-Cartridge-LaserJet/dp/B00LVQMGF4/ref=pd_yo_rr_bia_t_3?ie=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=XBCHY2D7MYZWCM5556D5