What I Wish I Had My First Year Teaching {With The Kindergarten Connection}

Thinking back to my first year of teaching, there are probably a lot of things I would change or wish I would have done differently- but, like most all new teachers - I tried my best! There are, however, a few supplies and tools I have now that I wish I had then.

A Great At-Home Printer

Oh how I love my printer! When I first started teaching, I quickly realized that not having a printer at home just wasn't going to work. Especially if I wanted to have color. So, I had my share of sloooooow printers and made it work.

But this year - I upgraded to this baby - the HP Officejet Pro 8620 and I use HP instant ink - it's like teacher heaven!


This site may have existed when I started teaching - but I wish I had know about it then! I love using YouTube videos for fun songs and learning. But I HATE when I have to dash madly to the computer because a commercial (that I can't guarantee is appropriate) starts blaring halfway through our clean up song.

SafeShare.tv to the rescue! No more pesky commercials or pop up ads.

Tip - make a quick list of your favorite videos in a Google Doc using the SafeShare safe link (not the YouTube one). Then, click and watch your favorites from there! 

Mini Pocket Charts

Again, these were in existence I'm sure - but I didn't realize at the time how wonderful they are! 
Seriously - pocket charts are just one of my favorite things.

There are so many possibilities for independent word building, small groups, and more! I am definitely now a mini pocket chart fan. Sometimes you can find them for super cheap at Target too in their dollar section - so keep your eyes peeled!

P.S - I kept it real fancy and stuck this one to the back of a shelf with packing tape last year. It worked! 

Sturdy Book Bins

I know teachers need to save money wherever we can, but one area I would say to invest in for sure is quality book bins for your students. I have these ones from Really Good Stuff and they have lasted for years! It is worth a bit more in price just to know you don't have to replace them each year. 

What about you? Are there things you have now that you would have loved to have in your first year teaching?

If it's your first year teaching now, what's your favorite tool or classroom item?

Happy Teaching! 

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