Amazon Prime Teacher Shopping Finds

I know that you may have heard so much about Amazon Prime, but it really is AMAZING. And yes, there are great deals on books, but there are so many other great teacher tools as well. 

First grade technology

Technology is definitely a big part of our lives and our students' lives. I'm not at a 1:1 school site, so I'm constantly trying to make use of the 5 iPads that belong to my class. I found this headphone splitter a few months ago. IT'S THE BEST! I'm able to allow up to 5 students to listen to a read aloud, while other students are able to use the remaining iPads. Click {HERE} to check it out. 

Amazon Classroom
Belkin Rockstar Multi Headphone Splitter 

First grade classroom

Amazon has helped me with classroom organization, which is crucial for a teacher's sanity. We have so many pens, pencils, clips, and notepads to keep track of. I found this cube to organize my pens. Click {HERE} to check it out. I also used a sunglass organizer for supplies. Although I feel like the price keeps going up on it. Want to see it? Click {HERE}.

classroom staples

The main reason I LOVE AmazonPrime is because I can get my classroom staples speedy fast. Out of your favorite markers? No problem. There's a even chance you may be able to get your items the same day. Including the most important teacher find... COFFEE. I buy mine in bulk. 60 K-cups. Yes, please! #coffeeaddict

Have you found some awesome teacher goodies on Amazon?! Please share them below or find me on Instagram! I'd love to check them out. 

Happy shopping!


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