Student Led Learning {with Aloha to Second}

One thing that I teach in kindergarten is how to be responsible, proactive, and independent problem solvers!  I think being able to work on your own and problem solve is a crucial skill to know!

One way I help my students be independent and lead their learning is by providing my students with various resources around the room and letting them choose what is best for them. 

They each have a writing folder and within the folder they have some resource pages.  They use this one to help them keep track of their stories and to see if they can add more to their writing. 

Students can also use these orange folders to help them with their writing.  They use these to check letters, sounds, and various words.

Each student also has a checklist in their folder to help them make sure that their writing is neat and ready to read. 

I provide the students with various resources, and then it is up to them to lead their learning and push themselves to be better students.  I love seeing my students grow in their learning when they get a chance to be in charge!

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