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My Top 20 Amazon Teacher Finds! 
Save Time and Money!

With two little ones, activities, volunteering, everything that comes with being a teacher on top of a husband who is deployed half of the year I rely on Amazon for all of my teacher items! I have been an Amazon Prime member for 5 years now and it is the best thing ever! I started as an Amazon Mom for diapers and wipes and now we use Subscribe and Save plus all the digital features in my home. The best part for me is, at work when something is needed I just quickly get on my phone to go to Amazon and get what I need!

99% of everything in my classroom has came from Amazon! Yes, everything you see in these photos below came from Amazon. Below are a few photos of my classroom that just shout Amazon! I completely create and put together my entire classroom through the app on my phone.

[colored card-stock, ink, border, fadeless bulletin board paper, laminating pouches, laminator]

[white card-stock, printer ink, magnetic tape, laminating pouches, laminator]

[white card-stock, ink, writing items, laminating pouches, laminator]
[the holder was a Target Dollar Spot steal along with the #2 pencils]

[hangers and command hooks to hang anchor charts]

[best magnets ever]

[favorite storage]

[colored card-stock, ink border, fadeless bulletin board paper, laminating pouches, laminator]

To be honest... Taking time to make trips to the store + gas, doesn't make sense to me. Amazon normally saves me $ on the product I want, plus I save more $ in gas and I don't waste time driving around town. It is seriously a lifesaver! I can get what I need and want without lugging little ones around in car seats and carts!

Here are some of my favorite teacher finds on Amazon that are used in my classroom daily:

1- Magnets
2- Magnetic Tape
3- Laminator
4- Laminating Pouches
5- Black Hanging File Folders
6- Hangers for Anchor Charts
7- Markers, Pens & more!

8- Storage
9- Paper Cutting Board
10- Colored Copy Paper
11- Card-Stock
12- Fadeless Bulletin Board Paper
13- Border
14- Automatic Air Freshener [Um, yes because I have 5th graders!]
15- Variety of Student Supplies

16- Writing Folders
17- Dry Erase Pockets
18- Mini Erasers for Student White Boards

If you are not using Amazon, then you are not saving time and $ on your classroom! I hope you gained a few ideas from this post along with some items you can use delivered to your door step!

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