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Hey everyone!
It's Shana Grooms from Mrs. Grooms' Room.  I hope everyone is staying warm.  It’s actually going to snow here tonight!  I am so excited!!  Snow days are rare around here so when it is snows…it’s always a big deal! 

I just love this post!!!  Who doesn’t love an awesome deal especially when it is cute and useful??  I have loved reading all about everyone’s awesome finds…I feel like I am reading all about my inner shopping self.  Ha!

One place I love to go when I am feeling all thrifty…is Goodwill.  Oh yeah…I love Goodwill...Goodwill Clearance!  

Do you have one in your neighborhood?  I have never seen or been to a Goodwill Clearance until they came to our town.  And they do things a little differently…

Everything comes in a bin.  Giant Goodwill bins!!

When you go thrift shopping here…you pay by the pound.  

Yep…you can buy a pound of anything here for just $1.39 and it’s half-off on Sundays!  And books are only 25 cents a pound and half-off on Sunday, of course!! :) 

The order though is one of slight chaos and you could spend hours upon hours looking for something that you have in mind.  So the best plan is to go in with no expectations at all!!  No reason to go at all.  Just go because you feel like being thrifty.   

               (I got the globe pillow at Goodwill clearance.)

And when you do…you find all kinds of treasures like this little gem I found last Sunday. See the blue, plastic cushion?  

Yep…alternative seating for the classroom for less than 2-3 bucks!  Now, we have an old-new alternative seat in our classroom for our reading center!  (These little cushions are about 15 dollars on Amazon!! Score! ) 

My entire bag of delightfulness (15 pounds) included the blue cushion, a HUGE bag of red straws, a class set of drink carriers (like the ones you get from McDonald's to carry your drinks.), a stack of books, and a gallon-sized bag of Legos.  

Now that may not seem like teacher tools to some people but YOU probably know I am definitely cutting those red straws up for beads for the 100th Day, books are always in season in my classroom and the drink carriers are perfect for Mother’s Day.  (I just have to figure out how I am going to use them.) And the Legos = centers.

Here is one of my favorite things I just happened upon at the Goodwill  Clearance…LOVE HER!!!  (Granny Grooms)

I don’t know if you have a Goodwill Clearance store near-bye but I sure hope you do.  Any Goodwill or thrift shop has fun, awesome, and quirky treasures that you can be creative with and I say THRIFT ON!!!  

Goodwill is not the only place that I shop at for school supplies. 

I love getting supplies for my classroom at www.naeir.org.  It is an online organization that offers teachers, volunteer organizations, schools, and churches deep, deep discounts on items that can be used for those in need.  It's really easy to use and there are no hidden costs or fees.  You simply shop and pay for your order.  

Teachers are allowed to join for free when they register.  It takes a few days for everything to be processed but once you are a member you can look and shop for things that you need in your classroom.  

I feel very fortunate to be a member of naeir.org because we have purchased and used things in our classroom that we normally wouldn’t have bought because of the cost.  But now?  Naeir.org helps to make that happen.   

One thing that has been awesome is the laminator I bought from naier.org.  My purchase actually came with two laminators and so I have one at home and I have one in my classroom.  For my classroom, it’s perfect I when I am in a pinch and for home, it’s perfect on the weekends when I can’t get to the big laminator at school.

They have all kinds of supplies for the classroom.  I can’t wait to get my order of nametags, Mr. Sketch markers, and of course some flair pens.  Woohoo! But seriously…look at the awesome supplies for your kiddos!  

Are you a member of naier.org? If you aren't, consider it.  It's free and you can get some great things for your classroom. 

I'm hoping you have find tons of great deals but most of all I hope you find tons of great ideas!!!  

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