Teacher Shopping Finds from The Husky Loving Teacher

Teachers are ALWAYS on a budget, aren't they? Whatever the answer to that question is, one thing is for sure. I try to stick to a budget for my classroom and I love sharing out the affordable teacher finds that I come across with you!

I am going to give you direct, affiliate links to each of the fun finds so that you can easily see where to purchase them if you'd like to do so!
I'm Melissa from The Husky Loving Teacher so this winter I knew I needed to live up to that! I found this super cute and warm Husky Hat and I wear it out to recess duty to keep my ears nice and toasty!
This school year I've been having my kids representing each day that we come to school with a Lego piece. We call this process, "Constructing our building of knowledge" and I have it set up for you to easily print out and get started! 

It would also be great to start this process of building their knowledge after the new year to start the school year off fresh with a goal in mind! 

I started off with the medium lego brick set
We are all about building up our classroom family in my classroom which is why I absolutely love these birthday seats from Claire Ganni. They are great quality and I get compliments on them from other teachers all of the time! Best of all, the students feel so special on their birthdays because they get the cupcake seat
I started using Brag Tags this year and I love them so much! The kids are recognized for their own behavior and choices which is like their own individualized behavior plan! 

This is what I used for storing the brag tags.

This year I set up a portable word wall so that it doesn't take up so much of my classroom and the kids can easily come grab the word they need and then return it later. This system has worked wonders for my classroom!

To set it up I used:

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