Teacher Shopping Finds with Mrs. Thompson's Treasures

Today I'm sharing with you a few of my favorite teacher shopping finds! 

1. Kinetic Sand - This sand is so amazing! For younger kids it is great for creative play, but older kids love it as well! My nine year old loves to play with it during read aloud time each day. It can be used for fidgeters who need something to put their hands too, or as a fun relaxing activity when a students needs to unwind. If the kids are careful with it (not slinging it around), it is not very messy at all and cleans up so easily. It never dries out either! We just got some fun colors (blue, purple, green, and pink) for Christmas and love them! 
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2. Read and Find Out Science Books - I absolutely love these books! They are full of information about different science topics and I use them to supplement our science curriculum. Many also have activities and experiments to try at home to reinforce the concepts. Even if they are just being used for reading books (not a science lesson), they are fun to read and easy to learn from! 

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3. Jumbo Dice - What's not to love about these colorful jumbo dice? The kids love using them when we need dice for an activity or game. I love them because they are hard to lose and they are QUIET! (Nothing more annoying than dozens of dice rattling all over the room!)
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