Teacher Shopping Finds from Enchanted Kinder Garden

Hey EE readers! Happy New Year! I hope everyone had tons of amazing shopping finds in 2016! I'm ready to stick with that and find some wonderful things in 2017. So, if you're anything like me you like to shop on an extended budget. What's that you ask? A budget that is really limited until you find something you MUST HAVE.

That's me. An extended budget girl. I'm always on a classroom/teacher budget, but those rare occasions I just have to have certain things. Well, here's my latest haul and it happens to be from Target!

My first find is this gorgeous notepad doohickey. Yeah. I don't know the read name for it, but it's adorable!

I love that it has the elastic band to keep it closed. I had to have this one, so of course it went into my cart. I found this in the Dollar Spot for $3.

Here's the back of it. Isn't it super cute?

I decided I wanted to add a little more me to it, so I got my Silhouette revved up and added my name. I actually couldn't find just the right color that I had on hand and ended up choosing this after peeling another color off.

 My other target finds happens to be everyone's favorite reason for heading to Target!

I found a ton of erasers. I forgot to snap a picture of some dump trucks that I found as well. Make sure to pin this post because I'll be adding a few freebies for the erasers this weekend (I'll update this when I do.) I use the erasers mainly for counting during math, but they could also be used as little prizes for the students. I don't let my kids have these unless I buy an awful lot where I have more than I need.

Last, I found these buckets that I COULD NOT find last summer. THEY ARE BACK! I saw them sitting on a bottom shelf just like this and I picked ALL of them up. I'm a little bummed they didn't have more, but I'll be going back to hopefully find more.

That's it! Don't forget to pin the erasers above to remind yourself to come back for the free sheets.

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