Enchanted Kinder Garden is THANKFUL for...

Happy THANKSGIVING and BLACK FRIDAY shopping! Did you find any good sales?

Well, I'm here with what I'm thankful for... I had a REALLY REALLY hard time with this.

However, I finally figured it out. I am extremely thankful for  two things. The first is my VERY awesome teaching partners. We were blessed this year with an extra teacher so there is four of us. WHOO-HOO. We have between 15-17 kiddos each. PTL!

The actual teaching idea that I am thankful for is the way that teaching is changing into being interactive. It doesn't HAVE to be a notebook. I love the way it makes students think. They manipulate the pieces and it help kinders with sorting, classifying, and categorizing. This is a really hard skill for some and the extra practice only strengthens all of these skills. LOVE. I love any kind.

I use Alphabet/Letter INBs.

I use Reading INBs.

I use Math INBs.

I use themed INBs. These are by far my absolute FAVORITE! Seriously. I use these to help me teach the current theme that we're covering. My team plans out our entire year at the end of the school year. I know ahead of time what theme we'll be teaching. I decided to make this year totally themed and tie everything into that current theme. My life is SO much easier this year.

Here's a few pictures of some interactive notebooks in action.

What are you thankful for this school year?

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