Meet the Elementary Entourage ~ Brittany from Tickled Pink in Primary

Hey everyone!! I'm Brittany from Tickled Pink in Primary and I'm super excited to be apart of this blog with all these other amazing ladies!! Isn't our blog design just adorable! Read on to find out a bit more about me, grab a FREEBIE along the way, and enter our fantastic giveaway!!!
I just started blogging in August and am loving it. It's been a great way to connect with other teachers. I'm a girly girl and love makeup, shopping, shoes, jewelry, and anything pink! I love taking picture, I just wish I knew how to do it a little more professionally. You'll see that my posts always include lots of pictures. 

I've lived in southern Indiana my whole life, but recently moved to the Indianapolis area. I love it here! There's so much more to offer than the small town I grew up in. My husband, Blake, and I have been together over half my life! In February, we'll be celebrating 5 years of marriage, but 16 years together. I feel so lucky that I met him at such an early age. We get along SO incredibly well and love spending time together.  We recently got back from a trip to Hawaii (which you can read about on my blog) and took a helicopter ride with the doors off! It was amazing and probably the most adventurous thing I've ever done. 

We have two Puggles that we have a love/hate relationship. I love them, but hate how much they shed!! Barkley has a bit of anxiety and follows you everywhere, which gets annoying. :) Barkley is on the left and Zoey is on the right. 
I have 3 sisters and we are all 2 year apart. We are really close to each other! We took a sister trip a few years back to Clearwater and had a blast! I'm looking forward to our next sister trip! The bride is my youngest sister that got married a few months back. I'm #2 in the family.
My oldest sister (far left) has 2 little boys which are spoiled to death by his three aunts and grandparents! Colton is 3 1/2 now and Brady is 5 months. These pictures show their personality to a T! Colton can be a little stinker, but he is crazy smart for his age! Brady is constantly happy, always smiling, and much more chill. They live in Texas, so I wish I could spend more time with them, but I guess that means our time together is just that much more precious. Love these cutie patooties!
I taught Kindergarten for 7 years and 2nd grade for 1 year. Kindergarten is my love!! I love seeing how much the kids learn in that one year.  I'm currently taking the year off to help my husband with our business. We helps schools around the Indianapolis area raise money with our 1 day mattress fundraisers! Crazy huh?!? Check out how much money these schools have made!!! Our company, Custom Fundraising Solutions, is all over the country and one school in Louisiana recently raised over $24,000. It's been really rewarding to help these schools that are losing funding for their music and athletic programs. Doing the check presentations are my favorite part! Having a more flexible schedule also allows me to focus more on my TPT store and create better products to help students enjoy learning.
Here is one of my student's favorite games because they love being able to use BINGO daubers. Click the picture below to get the vowel sounds game for FREE!!! If you like it, you can find the whole Dot It! Literacy Games bundle in my store here
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