Meet the Elementary Entourage- Amna from Teach Two Reach

I am writing this post at the same time as that little munchkin up there is sitting behind me and strangling my neck. Pardon any random inserts.. :)

This is my 8th year teaching. All those years have been in 2nd grade - even my student teaching! Sometimes I think I want to change it up a bit, but then I think about the exuberant amount of money I've spent on resources for 2nd grade and I quickly change my mind. By the way, anyone else too scared to ACTUALLY add up how much they've spent along the way for their classroom? 

Here's my little family. I'm married and have 3 kids - my oldest son is 13, next is my daughter who is 12, and then ten years later I had the ruler of the roost, Hana, my two year old. 

I thought I'd add a couple of pics of me and the husband. The first picture sums up our relationship. Just kidding.. ;)

 Here is a snapshot of some parts of my classroom. 

I'm so so so thrilled to be part of a collaborative blog. The biggest thrill is getting to know everyone involved on a more personal basis and growing our "online," teacher blogger friendships. I can't wait to continue on this journey.

Now, here is a little freebie for you. I've been working on homophones recently, so I made this quick little center. Click on the picture and enjoy!

I really hope you visit me on my blog Teach Two Reach for tons of corny posts. I love corny. Anyone have a good joke that's so bad, it's good?

I saved the best for last. You HAVE to enter this giveaway below - there are three chances to win!!

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  2. Since I already follow several members of the new entourage, I'm looking forward to more high-quality posts and products. And I'd love to purchase some Fall and Winter activities for my firsties. Good luck to the gang!

  3. Amna! Congrats on this new blogging adventure. This collaborative blog is so cute and everyone is amazing.