Teaching Ideas We Are Thankful For {Mrs. Thompson's Treasures}

One teaching idea that I love is using individual student whiteboards. They can be used for a variety of subjects and skills, and it is a great way to mix things up so students stay more engaged.

Here are a few ways I like to use them:

1. Spelling Words - Call out a word and have students write it on their board, then hold it up for you to see. This is a great way to do a pre-test, or a mid-week review. For younger students (PreK-K), you can use the same concept, but just call out a letter and have them write it.

2. Math Facts - Whatever skill you are working on, you can call out a problem and have students write it down on the whiteboard, then solve the problem. For younger students, call out a number and have them draw that amount of a certain shape, or make tally marks.

3. Review/Check Comprehension - This can work with any subject! Just call out a question and have each student write the answer on their board, then hold it up for you to check. This is a great way to make sure each student is participating instead of just calling on one student to answer each question.

If a white board for each student isn't in your budget, there are some cheaper alternatives that still work great! You can put a piece of white paper in a plastic page protector for each student, or I've heard that plastic disposable plates work too, although I haven't tried that myself. Students can use tissues, or even a clean sock as their eraser.

There are so many more ways to use student white boards in your classroom - just be creative and give it a try!
I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

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