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Hello sweet friends! 

Welcome to The Elementary Entourage!  I am so glad you are joining us on our new adventure!  We love teaching students, learning new ideas, and strategies, collaborating together, and sharing with YOU!  Please join us everyday to grab a freebie and meet all of our wonderful authors!  

I am Shana Grooms from Mrs. Grooms' Room.  I have been teaching for 14 years and everyday is exciting, hard challenging, and fun! And I LOVE IT!!

I have always taught first grade which is always fine by me.  Oh how, I love my sweet little firsties!!   It's always, always, always a challenge but here are some things that I have learned through the years:

1.  Always have band-aids, tissues, and baby wipes...always.   Sanity-savers! 
2.  A party can just pretty much be a cookie and juice box.  Hey...parties are parties. 
3.  Always let your kiddies go to the potty. (There is still always a chance of accidents, regardless.  Another sanity-saver.)
4.  Hugs go a long way and they are magic.
5.  Always accept any, papers, or half-eaten bags of chips...because it's always the thought that counts.  Brag about it like they gave you diamonds. Because they did in a way, right? Rocks under pressure could be diamonds...

About me...
I have been married to my sweet adorable hubs for a little over a year.  He is the love of my life!!  We have a dog, Crazy Daisy, and a little black kitten, Ningy.   He is the one person I LOVE being with all the time and he laughs at ALL most okay okay...some of my jokes.  

I also like to play with a sketch pad, watch Netflix (almost finished...just kidding!), tell bad jokes, and ride my bike!!   The things that I like most are hanging with my family and friends...that is always an adventure!  :)

So here is a joke you can tell your kiddies...

What kind of key cannot open a door?



I want to share my new freebie!  It is a sort for your centers from my SUPER COOPER RESCUES U unit!    You can find this cute little sort here or by clicking on the picture. 

Don't forget to enter our awesome raffle!!  I would soo love to win this one!!! (sigh) BUT maybe YOU will WIN! 

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