Teaching Ideas with are Thankful for! {Stephany from Primary Possibilities}

It's that time of year... the time to start thinking about all the things in your life you are thankful for!  We are sharing some teaching tips, products, and "life-savers" here at The Elementary Entourage this half of the month that we are THANKFUL for in our teaching lives!

I shared this tip a few years ago over at Primary Possibilities.  You can find the original post here...  I gave this file a makeover to freshen it up a little bit and to share it with you!  This has been a lifesaver with a few of my classes over the years.  "Secret Student" is a way to promote positive behavior in the classroom!  Basically, I choose a student randomly at the beginning of the day and write their name on the slip.  I place the slip (folded up) inside of this little magnetic container and stick it up high (away from prying eyes and curious hands).  No one knows who the secret student is for the day.  At the end of the day, I pull down the container and take a quick peek at the name.  I RARELY have a day where I have to say that the student wasn't following the directions, but if it was a kiddo who had a struggle with behavior that day I DON'T call them out.  I just slip it in my pocket and say that whoever it was wasn't a star student that day.  It really gets the kids thinking on those rare days about their behavior.   MOST days, I am able to point out all the ways the student behaved... sitting quietly, finishing work, following directions, an act of kindness.... and that student gets a little treat.  It could be anything you choose to reward with... a sticker, pencil, small piece of candy, etc.  It's a super easy, cheap, quick way to promote positive behavior in the classroom.  The best part is that the kiddo gets to take home the slip to show mom, dad, grandma, grandpa...a great way to build a positive home/school relationship!

You can grab up the file from my TpT Store by clicking HERE!  It's a really simple and quick freebie!

A product I am thankful for are my Whole Class Writing Journal Covers... they are such a time saver when it comes to the writing station.  They all have writing prompts right on the front cover so all you have to do it print and add writing paper and you have an instant activity for the writing center.  They are great for early finishers to.  
  The ones for the whole year were so popular I decided to make sets for each season, holiday, and important part of the year!  Here is the original set and here are the bundled "add-ons" (which can be purchased individually too).  The kids LOVE when I put out the new books!  

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  1. thanks so much for refreshing my memory that I already have this freebie file of yours. I do secret student but currently my set up includes a folded paper plate stuck onto the board with magnets and I put a sticky note with a student's name on it inside the plate every morning. LOL! going to print out your name things right now.. :)